The Memorandum of Agreement between Teamsters Local 97 and the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey that was voted on Thursday, February 9, 2012 has passed, 325 YES votes to 64 NO votes.

    Please feel free to contact your Union Representative with any questions.


To our members at UMDNJ who were hired since January of 2008, those members who have yet to receive their $0.50 an hour pay adjustment for successfully completing their probationary period, to our members who (many of you will be the same members) have not received their pay adjustment for completion of your second year, please listen to what I am going to request you give consideration to doing.

The present contract in place and recognized by the University of Medicine & Dentistry and Teamster Local 97 reads as follows:

All Teamster classifications will be under the compensation system known as the Job Rate System.  The Job Rate System shall be comprised of the following elements:  Probation Rate, Job Rate and Two Year Rate.

1.        The Probation Rate is the minimum rate at which a new hire may be employed for any given classification.  The probation rate is defined at 50 cents per hour less than the then existing job rate.  Upon successful completion of the 180 day probation period, employees will receive an increase in their base rate of pay to the Job Rate for their classification, or 50 cents per hour, whichever is greater.

2.       The Job Rate is the benchmark rate of pay for each classification.  The Probation Rate and the Two Year Rate are calculated based upon the established Job Rate for each classification.

3.       The Two Year Rate is the minimum rate of pay a new hire may receive upon completion of two (2) years of qualified service, exclusive of leaves of absence.  Upon completion of two (2) years of qualified service, employees will receive an increase in their base rate of pay to the Two Year Rate for their classification, or 3.0% of their base rate of pay, whichever is greater.  Service shall be calculated based upon the employee’s current date of hire with the University in a regular full time or part time position.

4.       The effective date for these adjustments shall be the first day of the first full pay period following completion of probation as a new hire or attainment of two (2) years service.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for UMDNJ authority, in this case, President William Owen, not to have paid these two contract provisions from the get go.  This ignorance of our existing contract is very clear and if it were not for an arrogant attorney, Les Aron, who is counsel to President Owen, the money would have been paid upon your arriving at the required completion period of time worked. 

Therefore, I am asking you to consider writing a letter to Les Aron, Esquire expressing yourself in your own words as to the hardship he has created for all of you.  The monies you would have received according to our contract, for example just the first part of the contract, completing your probationary period would have increased your yearly income by $1,040 based on a 40 hour work week.

For Mr. Aron to convince President Owen to hold back on those dollars is an outrage to each and every one of our members and shows a total disregard for our members and their rights expressed clearly in the contract.  Mr. Aron is paid $425,000 per year as counsel to President Owen.  That comes to $8,173 per week before taxes, and of course his pension payment.  He is in the same pension you are.

Can you imagine he is denying our members a minimum $1,040 per year. 

I would recommend you simply say, why are you doing this Mr. Aron?  If you have children tell him how many children you have and ask him if he knows how difficult it is for you to supply clothing, school books and lunch for them on your wages.

Please think about doing this.  To me, doing this is better than any demonstrating in front of the public’s eye.  They misinterpret us anyway.

Included here is Les Aron’s address:

[email protected]

Lester Aron, Esq.

SVP and General Counsel

University of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ

65 Bergen Street

Newark, NJ 07101

Thank you.


John J. Gerow